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Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 6:05PM

A Cinder-fella story ...

Who knew finding a shoe that fits might be the start of a dream come true for a single dad experiencing homelessness with his young son?

Allan had no job and no place to live when he suddenly found himself with full custody of his little boy, so he came to Family Renew Community’s Holly Hill Residential Campus. His program manager was puzzled that he’d come back empty from interview after interview for positions for which he seemed well qualified, until she looked down. She saw his toes hanging inches over the sole of his extra-large flip flops — the only affordable shoes he could find to even marginally fit his size 15 feet.

Through the generosity of supporters, Family Renew Community was able to help Allan dress for success. An online order of two pairs arrived, and he slipped into one for an interview for a well-paying full-time position in the service department of car dealership. He got the job, putting him and his son a big step closer to living happily ever after.

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