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Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 4:05PM

All in a day's work

Family Renew Community’s three residential campuses give moms, dads and children a safe, stable place to stay together while the parents work to lift their families out of homelessness. The expectation is that single parents — and at least one parent in two-parent families — will be employed while living at Family Renew.Tony's column sig

At the moment, 100 percent of our families are meeting that expectation. And several of our clients have been able to obtain new jobs with better working conditions and higher pay. Here are some stories from the field:

  • We had one family where Mom had to sleep in her car and her children stayed with their dad and stepmom. This family has been reunited; Mom is working full time and the kids are enjoying being back with their mother.
  • We have one family where the dad was hired in security for Halifax Health. He was recently promoted to a higher rank with additional hours and higher pay. The oldest son has also gone to work for a beachside attraction and is taking summer classes at Daytona State College.
  • We have one family where Mom is finishing up her clinical training and is going through the hiring process for AdventHealth. The dad is also applying with Amazon as a Driver.  This family is really taking advantage of the opportunity at Family Renew Community.
  • We have one dad who was recently hired by Spectrum and is being trained for a new career as an installer and service technician. This is great improvement from working part time at local fast-food restaurants.

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