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It's our 11th annual Non-event Gala!

Stay-home socials are becoming a trend, but they’re not new to Family Renew, my friend.
The Spring Soiree we’re announcing here is our Non-event Gala in its 11th year!
It’s a quite stress-free party, I’m sure you’ll agree. There’s no outfit to buy and nowhere to be.
Who needs a dance? Who needs a dinner? Your Spring Soiree ticket could be a big winner!
The auction’s so silent you won’t hear a peep. But your online bids could get you great stuff to keep.
If you feel something’s missing and need to commune, join the Facebook Watch Party on the 19th of June.
Helping families beat homelessness is the best part. Our Stay-home Soiree will be good for your heart.

Thank you for supporting Family Renew Community!