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Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 11:03AM

Troop for homeless scouts

This story on the A Mighty Girl page on Facebook caught Family Renew Community's eye: "A New York City Girl Scout troop founded specifically to serve homeless girls has been so successful that the city recently announced that it will invest over $1 million to expand this unique program from two dozen girls at one shelter to as many as 500 girls at 15 shelters across the city! The girls of Troop 6000 all live in a former budget hotel in Queens, New York where the city's Department of Homeless Services houses homeless families. The troop meets in the shelter, and the Girl Scouts of Greater New York covers the costs of membership fees, uniforms, and dues so that all of the girls can participate."

Check out the story in the New York Times, which is the source of the accompanying photo. 

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