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Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 4:50PM

We're turning 30!

In 2018, Family Renew Community entered its 30th year of helping families with children lift themselves out of homelessness in Volusia County. Thank you for choosing to be with us in this vital mission.

Because of our supporters, last year 131 children and their parents had a safe, stable place to live and begin to thrive. These 69 families had been sleeping in their cars, on floors in the overcrowded homes of exasperated loved ones, in seedy motels, and worse. As we have every year since 1989, Family Renew Community offered them much more than shelter. Our program is designed to equip parents with resources and skills to attain and maintain self-sufficiency and ongoing success. In 2018, 32 of our families overcame homelessness, starting anew in apartments and houses of their own. Many of those who began their journey out of homelessness last year are still here, working hard every day to reach their goal, grateful that you care. Dozens more are waiting, hoping 2019 will be the year that brings an end to their daily struggle for a safe place to be, and the start of their chance to dream about what they can become.

You might be surprised where those dreams have led for many whose paths have come through Family Renew Community in the past three decades, whether as parents or children. We will officially turn 30 on Sept. 18, and will celebrate all year by sharing stories of the happy lives and successful careers made possible by supporters like you. Please sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

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