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Here's to Women who Experience Homelessness with their Children and MOVE AHEAD!

The honor of your absence is requested for a


Family Renew Community’s 10th annual Non-event Gala

Please join us in this virtual celebration to make a real difference for homeless families.

Who needs a dance? Who needs a dinner? Your non-event ticket could be the big winner! Entry $25 per ticket.

$500 Grand Prize Drawing
2 p.m. May 24, 2019, to be streamed live at

This year we've added an

Make yourself comfy, whenever, you say, and bid for great things like trips and Spa Day. (Golf, too!)
Bidding April 22-May 26, 2019
SPOTLIGHT ITEM: $300 gift certificate for The Spa at the Hilton,
Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort
Minimum Bid: $25

Please click HERE or one of the GET TICKETS NOW buttons to order tickets securely online.