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Are you passionate about our mission of offering a hand up to families working to lift themselves out of homelessness? Joining the Social Media Squad is an easy and effective way to spread that feeling to your friends, followers and the rest of the world.

Who can serve on the Social Media Squad?

You can!  If you have a willingness to use your social media power to spread the word about Family Renew Community's impact on family homelessness, we welcome you to the team.

What is the role of a Squad member?

Social Media Squad members are ambassadors for Family Renew Community and cheerleaders for the success of the families we serve. Their primary role is to enthusiastically participate in social media communication about our work and to bring others into the conversation. Squad members are asked to engage with Family Renew Community on social media at least four times per month on average. (See examples of engagement below.) Squad members also are asked to host one peer-to-peer fundraiser each year for Family Renew Community on Facebook or another platform of their choice.

How do I engage with Family Renew Community?

Family Renew Community is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We encourage you to interact with us on these channels, and to initiate conversations about Family Renew Community on any other platforms you use. Our main hashtag is #FamilyRenew. Here are some suggestions for Social Media Squad engagement:

  • Follow us on our channels, and like, share/retweet and comment on our posts.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like our page.
  • Join the FRC Social Media Squad group on Facebook for suggested posts and to share ideas with other squad members.
  • Create your own posts based on our content or to tell your friends what what your involvement with Family Renew Community means to you.
  • Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, A Hand Up, not a Handout, and forward it to your contacts.

What benefits are there?

We appreciate your willingness to volunteer! We'll reward your efforts with a digital badge to share on social media or embed on your blog or website when you sign up, and another badge after you complete your first peer-to-peer fundraiser. As the program grows, we will look for more ways to celebrate your efforts -- squad meetups, anyone? In the meantime, the program is a:

  • Fun and easy way to help homeless families with children
  • Volunteer experience to fulfill high school and college students' requirements for service hours or to build a resume
  • Opportunity to establish and/or further develop your online personal brand

How do I join the Social Media Squad?

Use the button at left or the link below to sign up. Please start your social media engagement right away, and your digital membership badge will be sent by email within a couple of days. Please also join the FRC Social Media Squad group on Facebook to interact with others on the squad and get ideas to keep your postings fresh.