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COVID-19 Relief Needs

Many of you have asked what our families need to help them cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Monetary donations give us flexibility to meet our families' needs as they emerge, to move forward with our mission day to day and to keep Family Renew Community strong for whatever comes next.

From time to time, we will also be collecting essential items for our families at an off-site location. (For everyone's safety and health, we are not allowing visitors on our residential campuses.) The date, time and place for our next collection will be announced in our Latest News blog and on our Facebook page.

Here's the list of what our families need most:

Personal and Baby Care

Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Hand soap (bars or liquid)
Feminine hygiene pads/tampons
Diapers (sizes 1 through 6) and baby wipes

Protective equipment

Cloth face masks/bandannas
Disposal plastic gloves

Household sanitation

Paper towels
Disinfectant wipes/house-cleaning products
Dish-washing liquid
Laundry detergent


Canned meats and meals (hearty soups/stews/pastas)
Breakfast cereals (including sweet cereals for children)
Other nonperishable or non-refrigerated groceries


Grocery store/discount store gift cards ($25 denominations preferred)
DVDs for children and families
Coloring books for children and adults
Crayons/colored pencils