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Guardian Angels Society

Families with children need earthly angels to watch over them as journey out of homelessness. Are you ready for your wings?

Family Renew Community’s Guardian Angels Society is a league of donors willing to commit at least $1 a day for 3 years to guard and guide homeless families with children along a path toward self-sufficiency. Enrollment in the Guardian Angels Society offers not only this special giving option but also the chance to engage with others who care deeply about Family Renew Community’s mission. Together, we can make a heavenly difference!


  • Opportunity to provide safety and stability to homeless families with children while equipping them for long-term success.
  • Invitation to an exclusive, complimentary event each year and subscription to Angels Update
    quarterly e-newsletter.
  • Free gift for enrollment.
  • Two tiers of giving with flexible payment options, online or by mail.
  • Acknowledgement on website (unless anonymity is requested).

Guardian Angels Pledge

and Payment Form

(Open form by clicking on text immediately above
or button at top of screen.)


Your membership gift ...

As a token of gratitude for your enrollment in Family Renew Community’s Guardian Angels Society, you’ll receive a certificate of membership and a pewter angel coin. Members who pledge at the Archangel level will receive a gold-tone angel coin with their membership certificate.


Pay your pledge in your way ...

The $1 a day standard pledge for the Guardian Angels Society adds up to $1,095 over three years. That's enough to house a family in one of Family Renew Community's 32 modest, furnished apartments for one month while offering comprehensive case management and services designed to help them change their lives forever. A pledge at the Archangel level of $2 a day for three years doubles the impact.

Pledges and payments may be made online securely with the form. You can opt to have your payments charged automatically to your credit or debit card according to the installment schedule you select. 

GUARDIAN ANGEL: $1 a day for 3 years

$30.42 per month
$91.25 per quarter
$365 per year
$1,095 lump sum

ARCHANGEL: $2 a day for 3 years
$60.83 per month
$182.50 per quarter
$730 per year
$2,190 lump sum

If you prefer to pay by check, please print the form and return it with your payment to Family Renew Community, P.O. Box 250123, Holly Hill, FL 32125-0123.