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Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 2:20PM

Our kids love camps with field trips!

Day camps with cool field trips are a summer staple for many kids. But for families experiencing homelessness, such rites of childhood can be out of reach.

Members of the Council of Catholic Women at St. Brendan Catholic Church in Ormond Beach didn’t want the youngsters at Family Renew Community’s three residential campuses to miss out on the kinds of summer-break adventures their schoolmates get to have. So they raised money to help with tuition, making camp affordable for our school-age residents.

“This summer we have three families with children in summer camps,” says Laurie, our program manager in Daytona Beach. “One brother/sister team are sooo excited they are going to Legoland this week! They have never been. The other brother/sister team are going to Daytona Lagoon with smiles from ear to ear!”

St Brendan is among 21 faith-based trustees of Family Renew Community, which support the organization financially, with prayer, with volunteer service and with governance through representation on the board. If you belong to St. Brendan, or any of our other trustee congregations, YOU are part of Family Renew Community.

We are grateful to have you … and so are some smiling, happy children.

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