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More than 110 local children had a safe, stable place to live and thrive in 2017 while their parents worked to lift their families out of homelessness. Before coming to Family Renew Community, many of these children and their parents slept in cars, on floors in overcrowded homes of exasperated loved ones, in seedy motels or worse. One mother and her 17-year-old son with autism sought refuge from the streets in a storage unit.

Family Renew Community provided these 60 Volusia County families with much more than shelter. In the security and modest comfort of private, furnished apartments in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach and DeLand, these families could heal. Children went to school rested, bathed, in clean clothes and ready to study and play. With intensive yet compassionate guidance from case managers, mothers and fathers improved their employment, money management and parenting. They paid down debts, repaired credit and built savings. Dozens of families who started 2017 mired in homelessness will spend the holidays in places of their own, equipped resources and skills to stay that way. Simply put, Family Renew Community's supporters helped them change their lives.

Following the links on this page to read three families' stories: Daryl and Fran, Jessica and Ashley.