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About Family Renew Community

Making a Difference with Homelessness in Volusia County

Helping Homeless Families with A Hand UP - Not A Handout!

Family Renew Community gives homeless families with children a safe, stable place to live while parents work to attain permanent housing and become self-supporting.

One of the most effective solutions to homelessness is to help people gain independence through education, employment, life skills development, and permanent housing. This is especially true for the increasing number of homeless families with children. However, the solution is not as simple as building houses, schools and businesses. Nor is simply providing a bed, shower and a hot meal for the night sufficient for a permanent move beyond homelessness.

Many homeless individuals have experienced abusive family lives and relationships. Many have never known opportunity or stability and have experienced repeated failure.

Those experiencing homelessness in Volusia County also most often have inadequate health and mental health care, education, job skills, work experience, social supports, and life and coping skills necessary to succeed independently in the community. Lasting success is difficult without also helping people address these issues.

Founded by a coalition of religious congregations in 1989, Family Renew Community supports innovative, solution-oriented programs that help homeless individuals move beyond shelter to lead independent lives in our community. From basic emergency services to permanent affordable housing, the programs and services we support now help hundreds of people every year move beyond shelter to live independent lives in our community.

Our Mission

Family Renew Community is a faith-based organization that provides a safe, stable home for homeless families with children, and equips them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient.

Thrift Shop

A large store with furniture, appliances, clothing, small household items, jewelry and much! For merchandise pick up of large items, please call (386) 615-3837.

Donations of useable, saleable household items furnish all 32 of our residential apartments almost entirely. Our 32 resident families receive complimentary shopping for clothes, shoes and personal items. The profits from our thrift store go into our general operating budget to help pay for client assistance such as emergency medical/dental, child care, education, transportation, utilities, maintenance, etc.

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Family Renew Community is grateful to the generous sponsors of fundraising events and other activities. For information on upcoming sponsorship opportunities, please call (386) 239-0861.

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Our Trustees

Our Trustees

Family Renew Community -- a private, nonprofit corporation -- is an interfaith entity supported by numerous religious organizations in Volusia County. A coalition of religious congregations founded Family Renew Community in 1989.

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