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Be there always for children and parents on the path out of homelessness

A godparent steps willingly into your life to walk with you. A godparent is someone you can count on: a steady, benevolent presence as you make your way in the world. A godparent’s help can keep you going when the road gets rough.

Will you Be a Godparent to homeless families with a monthly gift to Family Renew Community?

It’s easy: Go online once to set up your donation in any amount, and we’ll automatically bill it to your credit or debit card each month. (FAQs here.)

It’s efficient: We’ll put your donation immediately to work in the lives of homeless families.

It’s effective: Family Renew Community has been helping families overcome homeless since 1989, and our latest research shows 96 percent of them remain stably housed afterward.

Whether your budget allows for $3 a month, $30 a month or more, your donation will provide much more than shelter for homeless families. Living in the privacy and security of their family's rent-free apartment, children will go to school rested, bathed, in clean clothes and ready to study and play. With intensive yet compassionate guidance from case managers, mothers and fathers will improve their employment, money management and parenting. They'll pay down debts, repair credit and build savings. In the end, they'll move into places of their own, equipped with resources and skills to maintain financial stability.

We'll say thank you with this 6-inch bumper sticker for all new Godparents!