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We help families who want to help themselves. The program is not a handout – it is a hand up.

Family Renew Community is not an emergency shelter. It is a housing and educational program to prepare families to move into permanent housing in six months or more. Our application process requires eight pages of current and background information; references are checked and background information is verified. Eligible families are prioritized for entry based on their score on a vulnerability index. Acceptance is contingent upon availability of an apartment and a negative urinalysis drug test for all family members 13 and older. Random drug testing is done during residency.

While living at Family Renew Community, parents are required to (1) be employed, (2) maintain a housing savings fund with a minimum of 50 percent of income deposited every payday, (3) meet weekly with a case manager and submit weekly budget sheets with receipts attached, listing all income, expenses and amount deposited into housing fund, (4) help with yard cleanup, (5) attend workshops on parenting, money management, and nutrition and (6) keep children enrolled in school. In addition, apartments are inspected weekly to ensure a clean living environment for the children; parents are encouraged to obtain GEDs and/or enroll in college or vocational classes to increase their income potential.

We welcome families headed by two parents, single mothers and single fathers.