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Proven Success

“Family Renew Community did an amazing job. I’m now financially stable and sufficient. I learned how to budget and save money.”

That’s what one mom who overcame homelessness with her family has to say now about Family Renew. We know because we asked her. Once a year, we ask every family who’s been through our housing program since Jan. 1, 2017, how they are doing.

We do this annual survey of formerly homeless families because we care about them, but also because it is one of two ways we can measure the long-term success of our intervention in their lives. We also check twice a year in the Homeless Management Information System maintained by the Volusia-Flagler County Coalition for the Homeless to see if the families we’ve helped have sought homelessness services again in the area.

Our latest findings suggest that 89 percent to 95 percent of families who have moved on from Family Renew Community’s housing since Jan. 1, 2017, were still stably housed up to 60 months later. Nearly 70 percent had higher household incomes than when they left, and in more than 40 percent of families a parent obtained further education.

Here's a summary report of the January 2022 findings: Download File (attainable-housing-handout-2022-update.pdf)

And here are things more parents told us:

“When I drive by my old Family Renew Community apartment, I have good memories of a very hard time in my life. Strangers gave me the confidence and help that I needed to get back on my feet.”

“Very thankful for the program.”

“I learned so much and it really helped transition my finances.”

“It was a great opportunity and wonderful experience for my family and I.”

“A great program.”

“Thank you for everything.”

“Family Renew is a wonderful place to start over — to get help needed to get your family back on your feet put back the pieces.”

“What a beautiful program. I would highly recommend to anyone that needed a helping hand. The staff are caring and compassionate. Much thanks to Family Renew Community.”

“Lots of help, dental, self-confidence building, and self esteem.”

“It was a helpful program.”

“Great opportunity for family and program worked.”

“Family Renew helped me when no one else could or would. This is wonderful. They help me get back on feet and are still helping me now.”