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Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 6:15PM

Ian made a mess for FRC

The grounds of our Daytona Beach Residential Campus for single mothers experiencing homelessness with their children took a costly wallop from Tropical Storm Ian, and the downstairs apartments sustained some moderate flooding.

Still, Laurie Archer-Dugo, Family Renew Community's program manager for Daytona Beach, was counting her blessings.

"It is wet, but it is not Irma wet," she said Friday, as she swept water off the tile floor and out of the door of one of the apartments. The tile floor was installed in the first-floor apartments to replace carpet after extreme flooding there caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Ian's flooding could largely be addressed with mops and fans and other clean-up cleanup measures. The trees felled by Ian's winds, however, required pricier intervention. Four trees were toppled, landing on fences, playground equipment and precariously near the two-story building. Standing water blocking the driveway made the job more difficult. It is unclear at this writing how much the cleanup will cost and how much will be covered by insurance.

Impacts were lighter on the other campuses and the administrative offices. All lost power temporarily, and the administrative offices sustained significant ceiling damage from rain leaking through.


Ian made a mess for FRC
Ian made a mess for FRC
Ian made a mess for FRC

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